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Fiscal Responsibility

Solutions to spend every penny wisely

Every year it becomes increasingly difficult to balance our budget and the coming years will bring additional financial challenges. Sherene will ensure every penny is spent wisely to keep the county providing necessary services to its residents.

During my first term, I saved tax-payers’ money by:

  • Advocating for a fleet management program for county vehicles 

  • Contracting a company to conduct an audit to save energy costs, and restructuring

  • Refinancing the county debt which saved $850,000 per year


My goals to be fiscally responsible and cut waste are to:

  • Reduce expenditures across management, administration, operations, including third party spending, real state, facilities, assets, and labor 

  • Increase revenues, other than tax increase

  • Decrease bureaucracy and improve response time and service

  • Provide for a tax assessment administration that is fair and equitable


Solutions to provide good value to taxpayers

My main responsibility is to ensure that Indiana County government is providing a good value to taxpayers while ensuring that services are funded by a reliable revenue stream.
County government is responsible for providing services that maintain health, safety and welfare for its constituents. To do so equitably across stakeholders within a community is complex.  I will work hard to properly manage the budget and fairly fund services.

My goals are to :

  • Work closely with other leaders to ensure that resources are distributed equitably to ensure that all departments are properly funded

  • Work towards policies that are aimed at helping Indiana County prepare for and respond to the uncertainties 

  • Make bid awards and procurements processes for large building projects transparent and visible

  • Make long-term financial planning a priority

  • Perform cost-benefit analysis before making significant decisions related to public services

  • Set fair tax rates so that today's budget is not balanced on the backs of tomorrow's taxpayers

  • Ensure that Indiana County does not accumulate debt at an unsustainable rate without input from independent experts; I will keep the community informed about such actions

Learn more about my plans for economic development and investing in our communities of Indiana County.
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