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“County commissioners are in the business of helping communities and people find solutions to problems. Though we continue to face many challenges, we have made strides. We delivered services to help individuals in their time of need. I played a key role in the delivery of these efforts, and I am committed to more.”

Sherene Hess actively serves Indiana County by leading collaboratively and inclusively. She is taking action to provide opportunities for people in need; working toward positive change in our community; and collaborating with community, business, and professional leaders.


  • Indiana County Conservation District

  • Agricultural projects: Sustainability - Water, soil, animal operations, land conservation, and food systems jobs

  • Natural resource conservation and stewardship management

  • Outdoor recreation

  • Education

  • Pennsylvania Agricultural Land Preservation

  • River Alert Information Network

  • Indiana County Recycling Center – strategic fundraising to secure expanded facility

Economic Growth

  • Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force

  • Tri County Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

  • Pittsburgh Energy Round Table

  • Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization, Washington DC

Emergency Management

  • Indiana County 911 Communications – Advisory Group

  • Local Emergency Planning Committee

Community Service

  • United Way of Indiana County

  • League of Women Voters of Indiana County

  • Rotary Club of Indiana, Pennsylvania

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