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Image by Todd Berkey, 2021.

As a leader with a depth and breadth of experience, Sherene Hess has:

  • Served and represented Indiana County regionally and nationally

  • Fought for economic growth and jobs

  • Promoted fiscal responsibility and efficient government spending

  • Helped secure millions for broadband development


Economic development is a critical issue for Sherene Hess. Learn more about... 


Represent Indiana County


“I will continue to invest in our communities and advocate for the opportunities that regional competitiveness will bring.”


Sherene Hess is serving on committees that are helping her secure resources for Indiana County. Her tenure as an eight-year commissioner has enabled Sherene to nurture and solidify these relationships.


Sherene Hess’ visionary ideas and collaborative skillset are contributing to the following opportunities:

  1. Partnering with regional counties to access state and federal transportation and economic development funds.

  2. Collaborating with PA state legislators and connecting with PA business, industry, and the public.

  3. Supporting economic vitality and the growth of existing businesses; and

  4. Strategizing with government and business leaders about the challenges and opportunities of an energy economy in the 21st Century.


Sherene Hess is advancing economic growth because she has a ‘seat at the table’ (learn more) with the following organizations:

  1. County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP)

  2. Southwest Pennsylvania Corporation

  3. Tri County Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

  4. Indiana County Sustainable Economic Development Task Force

  5. Pittsburgh Energy Round Table

  6. Pennsylvania Agricultural Land Preservation

  7. Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities and Economic Revitalization, Washington DC



Economic Growth


“The county has been working for years to diversity its economic portfolio with a focus on healthcare, light manufacturing, agriculture, the energy economy that is transitioning, and various other types of economic development.”


Economic development projects included improvements to the following:

  • Windy Ridge Business & Technology Park – White Township

  • 119 Business Park – Center Township

  • Corporate Campus Business Park – Burrell Township


Learn more about Sherene's plans to further economic development.



Learn more about Sherene’s ideas on:

  • Fiscal Accountability

  • Efficient Government Spending

  • Budgetary Responsibility



Broadband Access


The availability of broadband access – high-speed internet – impacts economic development. Learn more about how Sherene Hess has been working since 2018 to expand broadband in Indiana County.

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