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Building Partnerships

Solutions for building partnerships

I find that building partnerships often results in the best solutions to solving problems and reaching goals. These partnerships may include business and workforce professionals, elected officials, human services specialists, healthcare providers, technical experts, educators, farmers, and stakeholders. Working with others helps to ensure that citizens receive the best services within the limits of the county’s financial resources.

Examples of include:

  • Business and workforce partnerships to identify and provide affordable training to the local workforce that meet the current and future needs of employers 

Sherene and Judy at Cookport.jpg
  • Elected officials’ partnerships to maximize the services to citizens within the limits of our financial resources 

  • Human services partnerships to explore ways to expand opioid treatment and reduce the stigma for those fighting addiction

  • Healthcare partnerships to expand emergency services in all areas of Indiana County

  • Technical partnerships that explore opportunities to expand broadband throughout rural areas

  • Education partnerships to coordinate efforts to advocate for increased state and federal funding for our schools 

  • Farmer partnerships to determine what resources are needed from the business community and local and state government to keep our local farmers financially sustainable

  • Stakeholder partnerships help to identify needs, barriers, and remedies to services that affect them and their families

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